Products & Masterbatch

Tank Masterbatches

These products have been matched to the COLORBOND TM AND COLORSTEEL TM range of colours for use in the rotational moulding of water tanks. They have been specifically designed to comply with the Australian standard for food contact, AS2070 Part 1 & 8, and have been tested and certified by the Australian Water Quality Centre to AS/NZS4020:2002 for use in potable water. The products contain high levels of UV stabilisers to ensure maximum protection against harmful UV rays, and have been formulated to exclude sunlight (in a 4mm wall thick article) to prevent the growth of algae.


Colour Masterbatches:

All of the colours produced have been designed to meet the customers requirements. These colours can be formulated with specific carriers to ensure compatibility with a wide range of polymers, from polyolefins to engineering plastics such as ABS, Styrene, acrylic and polycarbonate. Apart from the standard colour range, we can offer masterbatches that provide special effects such as pearlescence, metallics, phosphorescence and illuminecence.


Black Masterbatches:

We have three different grades of black masterbatches available to meet both the technical and commercial requirements of the market. Our Black TC is a low cost product, which is used in processing applications such as polymer recycling, injection moulding, extrusion and film (thick gauge) products. The Black RC also provides customers with commercial benefits, and is used in applications where pigment particle size is if consideration. Our Black FC grade is a higher quality grade product, where tint strength, food contact suitability, and excellent UV protection is required.


White Masterbatches:

We have a full range of white masterbatches to meet any of your technical or commercial requirements. We currently offer three standard grades meet the broad requirements of the market; Our premium grade contains a UV additive package to assist in the longevity of the moulded product; we also have a grade that contains weather fast pigment which is suitable for out-door application; and a general purpose grade which offers excellent commercial benefits. A part from the above grades, we can tailor make a product that will best suit your application and performance requirements.


Additive Masterbatches:

To compliment our coloured masterbatch, we have developed a range of additive to assist customers with their processes, or to provide their products with desired properties. We understand that each process is different and different properties maybe required, and therefore can provide our customer with a tailor made product to meet his requirements. Our range of additives consist of:


Polymer Extenders:

Our Polymer Extender products have been designed with a range of polyolefin base resins. They contain specifically selected additives and micronised inorganic compounds suitable for polyolefin plastic applications. The products are used in a number of polymer processing applications, from injection moulding, to blow moulding and film. They are designed to partially replace the base polymer, and offset the rising cost of resin. The added benefit is that they also improve the structural integrity of the moulded article by increasing the tensile strength and impact strength. It also helps reduce shrinkage rate and improve cycle time.


Guilda Compounding:

Guilda Pty Ltd, is a leading Australian manufacturer of quality polyethylene masterbatches ans speciality compounds. With a reputation of providing value and performance in all of our products, we take pleasure in offering the pipe extrusion industry a full range of pipe and striping compounds.